The European Network of Forensic Sciences in Education aims to connect all schools and teachers using the Forensic Sciences Toolbox. This network groups all the stakeholders interested in this thematic grouping this organization in three different levels: “Regional Hubs”, “Local Hotspots” and “Potentials”.
The “Regional Hubs” are certified organizations able to provide teachers training course (train the trainers – 5 days workshop), where participants will develop the knowledge and skills to train other teachers.
Those trainees will further integrate a network as contact persons of local “Hotspots” and they will be prepared to train further teachers, generating a wide multiplier effect.
Finally the “Spots” are Teachers / organization registered on the network that have the ambition to make a trainer of trainers course to be able to work with the Forensic Sciences Toolbox but still did not have that opportunity.
All the contacts of the of the Euro4science network database including certified EURO4SCIENCE 2.0 trainers are available on the Network Map, so that all teachers who wish to learn how to use the Toolbox can easily find and contact a certified trainer nearby